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I was asked by a friend, who you guys may know as the creator of the “Captain Teemo/Black and Yellow” song, to post this!

Please check out these links and support him in creating new League songs!

His project

More information + his YouTube

Thanks guys :D

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“Go wash the dishes!”

“Go take out the garbage!”

“Go fold the clothes!”

“Go make me coffee!”

“Go do the laundry!”

“Go hang the clothes!”

“Go bring me my purse so I can give you money!”

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Preview one of my songs from my mixtape!

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The Fresh Prince Created…


The Cat Daddy:

The Shuffle:

The Single Ladies Dance:

The Stanky Leg:

The Cyclone:

The Dougie:


By far the greatest post to ever surface on Tumblr.

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Putting in work on that mixtape right now!

My Feelings For People In Real Life




People I work with:

People I go to school with:

People on facebook:

People I live with:



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It’s so cute when you’re on the phone with someone and their sleepy voice comes on. You can tell they’re tired, but they refuse to go to sleep because they want to talk to you. And then they start mumbling, slurring their words, and even though you can’t understand them at times, it’s just so undeniably cute. You tell them to go to sleep and they fight with you saying “No, I’m not tired.” Then minutes later, they end up falling asleep. Everyone loves those sleepy voices.

My girlfriend does that pretty much every night, lol.

And I love it.